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With over 10-year experience in software development, InfoVerge advises on, develops, and supports custom and platform-based enterprise asset management solutions.


Enterprise Asset Management Solution Architecture

Enterprise Asset Management Solution

Asset-intensive companies use enterprise asset management (EAM) software for planning, inspection, use optimisation, and maintenance of their physical assets (vehicles, equipment, pipelines, etc.) throughout their life cycle.

EAM software integrates with ERP, maintenance, accounting, and other business systems.

Need to Digitalize Enterprise Asset Management?

InfoVerge’s team is ready to implement an EAM solution to help you optimise asset utilisation rom procurement to retirement, reduce operational costs and enhance asset procurement planning. Maximize 

Benefits of an EAM Solution
ROA due to optimized asset management.
Reduce maintenance costs via predictive maintenance.
Enhance decision-making in planning asset replacements/procurement due to gaining full visibility into asset performance

Enterprise Asset Management Software: Investments and ROI

The cost of implementing enterprise asset management software for a midsize business varies greatly depending on the business needs, the number of users and their roles, integrations required, etc.

Key financial outcomes

EAM solution can bring up to 20% reduction of total asset life cycle costs due to:

Reduced production downtimes with preventive asset maintenance based on asset history tracking and analysis.
Maximized asset lifespan and rationalised asset expenditure with continuous asset performance monitoring, proactive servicing, asset risk management optimisation, etc.
Reduced operational costs with accurate forecasting of asset maintenance activities and reliable work order scheduling.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Features

Monitoring activity and tracking location of various types of physical assets (machines, production equipment, vehicles, etc.).
Asset costs tracking for managing the estimated and actual asset maintenance costs, asset depreciation, asset investment planning, etc.
Asset KPIs monitoring for measuring asset effectiveness throughout the life cycle.
Asset performance forecasting and maintenance scheduling.
Reactive, preventive, and predictive asset maintenance.
Asset maintenance schedules and checklists.
Automatic and manual work order creation.
Spare parts tracking and management (planning, procuring, utilising, etc.).
Cloud and on-premises deployment.
Our Enterprise Assets Management Technology

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