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Our Service Offerings Model

Data management software implementation

DWH and BI tech selection, design, and implementation.
ETL/ELT setup and testing.
Design and implementation of data governance, data quality management, data security, master data management, etc. frameworks.
Data migration.
Data backup, etc.

Data Management as a Service (DMaaS)

Ready-to-use data management infrastructure provisioned and managed by InfoVerge.
Automated data backup for securing a company’s data assets.
Easy and secure data access.
educed data management infrastructure costs.

Data Quality Assurance

Data quality assurance is the process of identification and elimination of any data anomalies via the processes of data profiling and cleansing. InfoVerge provides data quality assurance services to ensure that our customers have clean, complete and up-to-date data.

Need Accurate and Business-Ready Data?

InfoVerge’s team:

Handles duplicates and inconsistencies in your data.
Designs key metrics to control data quality.
Advises on and implements data governance procedures.

Data Quality Assurance Offerings

Data quality consulting

Fixing the problems with data quality in the required software systems.
Relocating data to a new system during migration.
Integrating data from several software systems.
Identifying data quality improvement opportunities, etc.

Data quality assessment

Define data quality thresholds and rules.
Evaluate data quality based on the defined rules and thresholds.
Report identified data quality issues and conduct root cause analysis.
Design data quality rules and practices to establish the data quality management process.
Implement data quality management.
Monitor and control data quality.

Managed data quality assurance

Data quality rules and standards definition.
Regular data quality monitoring and control.
Data quality variations monitoring and reporting.
Data quality issues resolution.

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