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Enable Compliance & Savings with InfoVerge’s SAM Solution

SAM is a key business strategy focused on overseeing and optimizing your fundamental business resource – software. We help our customer to understand their compliance position, enable and ensure cost optimisation & be safe during an audit, whilst enabling them with critical information to plan their migrations to the cloud. 

Let us help ensure you are optimally licensed for current and future state and drive compliance within your environment.

Software asset management (SAM) is a vital set of continuous business processes that provides a system for the effective management and protection of software assets within your organisation, throughout all stages of the life cycle.

We can enable you to control costs, risks, and complexity, to optimise the use of your software assets, and grow your infrastructure to meet your business needs.

Benefits of our SAM Service


Do not be caught with non-budgeted licensing costs that can spiral out of control. We help to ensure you have a grip on your software spend and avoid financial risk.

Technology Optimisation

Technology is key and critical and at the heart of every organisation. We make sure you realise the benefits and make your investments work for you.

Cloud Readiness Review

The Cloud can transform and scale your business giving you substantial cost savings. We can advise on whether you are ready to move, what to move and when.

License Optimisation

We help to drive cost savings though license optimisations and improve the way your organisation buys

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