How does your teamwork
look in your organisation today?

Employee engagement is critical. One of the core levers to drive engagement ensuring that employees understand the vision of the company and how their job works towards to that vision.

Provide your leadership team and employees with interactive tools to boost teamwork and engagement.

Foster a new culture of work that creates creativity, ideation, and innovation across your organisation. By shaping the behaviours that you want to see, you can empower employees, break down silos, and get stronger engagement across your organisation.

Engaged employees produce better outcomes


higher productivity from streamlining teamwork & integrating team chats, meetings and files in one place


increase in collaborative work by making it easier for teams to work together on documents to rapidly advance ideas and innovation


in cost savings from a reduction in communication and collaboration solutions over three years

Bring your teams and resources together, all in one place

Enable employees to easily connect, share and work together on files from different locations using different devices – increase the productivity and efficiency of your workforce.


through chat, meetings & calls


With deeply integrated Office 365 apps

Customise & Extend

with third-party apps processes & devices

Work with Confidence

A small explanation of this great feature, in clear words.

Chat & Online Meetings

Empower workers as they engage with customers, see products in action, and represent your business.

Work from anywhere by holding online meetings with anyone inside or outside the organisation
Make work easy using online meetings’ meeting scheduling assistant, screens sharing, and collaborative note taking
Speed innovation together through 1:1 chats and conversations centered around workstreams.

Remote Working

To keep pace with rapid change, employees need to be able to work wherever they may be located. Organisations must embrace tools and habits that enable employees to dynamically swarm around a project before dispersing to the next.

Microsoft Teams is a great way to allow employees to self-form teams around important projects by organising conversations, files, meetings and tools into a single hub for teamwork. The entire team, including outside consultants, can access everything they need to move a project forward.

Teams is also fully integrated with Microsoft applications including Word, Excel, PowerPoint, PowerBI and Stream, so the team can collaborate and access information without leaving their workspace. All files are automatically stored natively in SharePoint, and team members can even customise intranet sites with project details and announcements for your broader organisation.

Online file storage, document sharing co-authoring

Keep all shared items in one place with tools for real-time collaboration

Access and share content from anywhere with Microsoft Teams desktop, web, and mobile apps
Connect and work together across multiple projects and get important notifications in real-time
Coauthor files simultaneously with popular Office 365 apps, like Word, Excel, and PowerPoint

Task & Shift Management

Fast and effective time management and communication for teams

Automate everyday activities with PowerApps and Flow
Create and manage schedules and tasks
Connect a distributed workforce with Microsoft Teams
Work efficiently with intelligent apps

Managers create, update, and manage shift schedules for teams. They can send messages to one person or the entire team. They can also send policy documents, news bulletins, and videos.

Employees view their upcoming shifts, can see who else is scheduled for the day, request to swap or offer a shift, and request time off.

Mobile Worker Support

Easily support team member who want to work anywhere from any device

External Collaboration

Look more professional when you engage via email and online with customers, co-workers, suppliers

Real Time Teamwork

Work together in one solution with shared docs and online meetings – all in real time

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