Customer Relationship Management


Your business success depends on the experience your customer has with you. This experience is shaped between marketing, sales, delivery, and service customer touch points.

Customer digital engagement via multiple channels (email, web, chatbot, social media, IoT sensors, etc.).
Dynamics 365 Customer Insights to capture and analyse behavioural customer data for personalised and relevant customer experience.
Microsoft Forms Pro to create post-interaction surveys.
Analysis of positive, negative, or neutral customer sentiment with Power BI.

AI, analytics, and reporting

Customer data (including feedback) analysis.
Customer behaviour and preferences analysis.
Customer sentiment analysis.
AI-driven recommendations to agents on personalized customer interactions.
Customizable reports and dashboards.

Customer conversion and retention

Multi-channel interactions (web, email, phone, social media, etc.).
Advanced customer segmentation based on demographic, transactional, firmographic, and other factors for interaction personalisation.
Targeted marketing campaign creation tools (design tools, content blocks, etc.).
Customer journey management:
Creating rule-based interactive customer journeys
Generating activities based on a journey or it is stage (e.g., a phone call, a contextual message)
Customer journey visualisation and analysis.
Automated customer surveys.

360-degree customer view

Multi-channel personal and transactional data collection.
Customer interaction history.
Automated updating of a customer profile with new information after each interaction.

Customer self-service portals

Communities/forums to find a way to solve the problem.
Chatbots for customers’ support without a human agent’s intervention.

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