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Data Analytics as a Service

Analytics as a Service (AaaS) provides a fully customized analytics platform from data storage to custom reports and dashboards for in-cloud data analysis on a subscription-fee basis.

Types of Reports (AaaS)

Excel Spreadsheets

  • Pivot tables for each analysed aspect with the possibility to drill down, filter data to get additional insights, etc.
  • Visualization with charts and graphs.

Power BI Reports & Dashboards

  • Reports and charts with the possibility to drill down, pivot and filter data for deeper analysis.
  • Seeing the entire area of interest on one screen (e.g., sales dashboard).
  • Real-time data analysis.

PowerPoint or PDF Presentations

  • Visualization of important facts and trends shown as a story with charts and graphs.
Benefits of Data Analytics as a Service with InfoVerge
No infrastructure setup and administration burden

To deliver the required analytics to you, we:

Design an analytics solution with minimal cloud consumption.
Integrate 10+ cloud services, possibly, from different cloud vendors, into a single customized package.
Configure and develop the analytics solution’s components (DWH, ETL/ELT, OLAP, reports and dashboards), set up data management procedures, etc.
Support and administer the analytics solution.
Data analysis is available as fast as possible

Making time our priority, we deliver:

First online dashboard consisting of a few charts and tables – in 1 day.
New online dashboard – in 4 hours to 2 days, depending on its complexity (may be longer if data cleansing is required).
Change in the existing report or dashboard – in 2-8 hours, depending on the urgency and SLA.

Financial Business Intelligence

Continuous visibility into company’s financial performance.
Tracking company’s revenue, expenses and profitability.
Financial risk forecasting and management.
Budget planning, formulating long-term business plans.

Human Resources Business Intelligence

Employee/department performance analysis.
Employee experience and satisfaction analysis.
Identification of the employee retention strategy effectiveness.
Employee hiring strategy analysis and optimization.
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Operational Business Intelligence

Business process monitoring and analysis.
Deviations and undesirable patterns detection.
Cause-effect analysis, bottleneck recognition.
Performance prediction and forecasting.

Customer Business Intelligence

Customer satisfaction analysis
Customer behaviour and customer value analytics value.
Customer behaviour predictive modelling, churn risk management.

Marketing and Sales Business Intelligence

Product/service profitability analysis and portfolio optimization.
Analysis of marketing campaigns and loyalty programs efficiency.
Brand portfolio and brand awareness analysis.
Sales funnel analysis and optimization.

Supply Chain Business Intelligence

Demand forecasting and planning.
Order management optimization.
Supply chain risks analytics and management.

BI Implementation

BI implementation allows analysing company’s data to support decision-making at strategic, tactical and operational levels. BI implementation may take from 6 months, requiring a team of a PM, a BA, a solution architect, a BI developer, a data engineer, QA and DevOps engineers. 

Each BI implementation project is unique in its requirements, and a set of steps for implementing BI depends on its scale and specificity

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