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From Old School to Performance:

Advancing Strategic Project Management with Digital Automation

Join us for the first installation of our transformative webinar series and witness the remarkable journey of Sanlam Corporate’s, Business Transformation Office. Discover how they skyrocketed their project management capabilities by partnering with InfoVerge, infusing dynamic People and Processes, alongside Monitoring techniques to maximise their existing investments in Microsoft Enterprise Project Management (EPM).

In this interactive session, we’ll unpack the essential toolkit for catapulting project delivery into a new era of automation, where efficiency and precision are not just goals—they are your new reality. This is more than a learning opportunity; it’s a roadmap to revolutionising your PMO into a Strategic Planning, Program, and Projects Office (SPPPO), adding unparalleled value to your enterprise across any domain or industry.

Insights unpacked:

Decipher the critical role of the People, Process, Technology (PPT) Framework in the success of Strategic Planning, Program, and Project Management.
Gain an insider’s view of re-deploying Microsoft Enterprise Project Management (EPM) to elevate your business's value.
Unpack the Customer Benefits that can redefine your bottom line.
Witness real-world Examples of businesses soaring with digital practices.

Join us and don’t miss out on this blueprint for project management excellence. Reserve your spot now and transform your PMO into the powerhouse of tomorrow!


Event On-Demand:

Event On-Demand

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