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Our Data & Analytics Service

InfoVerge has been helping organisations make quick and data-driven decisions in their ever-changing environment by rendering a full set of data analytics services.

Our Data & Analytics Service Options

Business Intelligence

Get your data collected, processed and presented in the form of quick regular or one-time analytics insights and avoid the time and cost burden for developing and managing a full-scale analytical solution.

Enterprise Data Management

With subscription-based data analysis, or Analytics as a Service (AaaS), you carry out data analysis on a fully customized in-cloud analytics platform built and maintained by InfoVerge & Microsoft
Power BI

Advanced Data Analytics

We analyse your particular business needs and give recommendations on designing, developing, implementing
or upgrading your analytics

Business Intelligence

BI Consulting

BI needs analysis.
BI implementation/evolution/migration strategy.
BI solution design.
BI solution cloud migration supervision.
Advising on data quality and data security.
User adoption strategies.
Proof of concept (for complex projects).

BI as a Service

Analytics solution design.
Development of the analytics solution’s components (DWH, ETL/ELT, OLAP, reports and dashboards), data management procedures setup, etc.
Analytics solution support and administration.
Access to predefined reports.
Self-service analytics to enable ad hoc reporting.
Alerting of the agreed type.

BI Implementation

Development of the BI solution components (a data lake, DWH, OLAP cubes, reports and dashboards).
ETL processes setup.
Reports and dashboards design.
Data management procedures (master data/metadata management, data quality assurance, data security, etc.).
Data quality assurance procedures, etc.

Enterprise Data Management

Data Governance

  • Data governance strategy design for data availability, quality and security.
  • Policies for user roles, rights, responsibilities etc.,
    to ensure data consistency
    and proper usage.

Data quality management

  • Data quality assurance.
  • Data cleansing activities to eliminate duplicated, incomplete, erroneous or obsolete data.
  • Recommendations on and integration of additional data sources.

Master and metadata management

  • Master and metadata management strategy.
  • Data source assessment (both internal and external).
  • Master and metadata regionalization and de-duplication.
  • Standards and metrics for master and metadata quality monitoring.

Data integration

  • Extract, transform, load (ETL) or extract, load, transform (ELT) setup and testing.
  • ETL/ELT automation.
  • Data virtualization.

Data warehousing and business intelligence

  • Data warehouse and data mart creation and implementation.
  • Business intelligence and data analytics
    infrastructure design and

Data migration

  • Sensitive and critical data assessment.
  • Data migration plan.
  • Data migration automation.
  • Data completeness testing.

Big data consulting

Need to make big data part of your existing analytics solution or design a standalone big data solution from scratch?

Our big data consultants won’t let you get lost in the plethora of available architecture options and technologies.

We design a high-level architecture of your big data solution based on your business needs and prioritized requirements for the solution-to-be.

We clearly describe data sources, data flows and the functions that each architecture component should perform.

Our consultants conduct dedicated training sessions to help various target audiences, be it top managers or the technical team, to understand how to get value out of big data. Such training can take the format of workshops with Q&A sessions or instructor-led training.

Data science consulting

Want to strengthen your business with advanced analytics relying on machine learning?

Our data science consultants check whether this idea is feasible with the data quantity and quality you have. We also prepare a proof of concept after having tested several machine learning algorithms.

If your business problem should be solved with deep learning, our consultants:

Design the architecture of a deep neural network.

Select appropriate activation, optimization and loss functions.

Train the network to ensure the high accuracy of its predictions.

Data & Analytics Technology Partners

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